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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Schenectady Rocks!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out in Schenectady. You guys are the best. We're glad that you enjoyed yourselves. A big thanks also to Phillip Stone for the great article in the Schenectady Gazette.

Also, thanks to Moon and River Cafe--great place you've got there. Thanks also to the Bookdrop Bees from Troy, NY. Ilan, and I even have the same guitar. I have pictures but I can't get them off the camera. My computer has decided that I've got enough pictures, I guess. My favorite quote of the night: "Schenectady has so much history, there's no room for the present."

We had a great time visiting John and Temi--thanks for a fabu place to crash. Hope to see you all again soon!



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