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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'd rather be nesting...or writing

It's been a little while since my last post. I haven't felt much like doing anything since I returned to Cincy from NY. I don't think it's's spring time and the trees are blooming and the grass is getting cut on a regular basis and I know that I'll be wearing a swimsuit soon. So, yeah, I've been working out and just standing outside smelling the air. That's something you don't really ever want to do in NYC. In fact, I remember trying hard not to breath at all some days on the way to see the muffin men. But recently I woke up and wanted to go shopping at IKEA. It was a perfect day for it, except that I'm broke and the closest one was 4 1/2 hours away. So, then I came up with a plan to fix our deck/patio thing in the back because right now it's useless. And there's guitar pedals and cables and papers and stuff all over the house and how am I supposed to accomplish anything with that in my way? grrr.

I was beginning to get a little testy. Okay, more than a little. I was becoming downright impossible to be around. Finally tonite, we had the 3rd installment of "Who's Song is it, Anyway?" at Kaldi's Coffee in downtown Cincinnati, and I realized what my problem was. I hadn't been creating at all since I got home. Yes, I sort of designed a new T-shirt today, but I was so frustrated getting the thing in the right format and couldn't do what I wanted to do that I was ready to rip my own head off. I'm not generally a violent person, but technical things that are difficult just for the sake of being difficult drive me nuts! Fine, I understand that you created this program and you are smarter than me, but if you want me to buy it and use it, then make it simple, darn it!

But I digress. Improv night was as usual, a blast. We had some newcomers as well as some faithful folks who keep showing up. Our prompt was "rounding up the _______ and holding it for ransom." Eric wrote about burn-outs, I wrote about a girl who was freaked out because she found that her boyfriend had never given up his ex-girlfriend's t-shirt, John and Jun didn't get very far about the Shaman so John wrote a song on the spot about his friend, John Gault, Liz wrote about babies and kitties and needing money for new shoes, I forget what Andy wrote about, and Sharon wrote a song in 5 minutes that was amazing but she didn't like the prompt so she picked "conspiracy of kindness" and worked it into the lyric. Our lightning round was all about delivery, mail and moving businesses until Lauren decided she wanted to do animal products and then folks started making up jingles about that. I don't think that anyone will forget Sharon's "Fancy Feast" or "U-Haul" diddys in the near future. Oh, and Zachariah rapped about Overnight Express, I think. I must clear some video tape for the next one, probably in July.

At any rate, I feel much better, though I'm hopped up on coffee. But I even wrote a WaMu jingle in the car on the way home. It's stupid and it's rap, heh. I'll try to have it prepared for the next one. Maybe I can get some sponsorships that way...hmmm.

Oh. Last night I watched the DiVinci Code and you can find my review on 's message boards.


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