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Thursday, June 01, 2006


I've been comparing smoothies. Monday, I went to Smoothie King for some protein after my kick a** workout and nearly got into a fight with the guy behind the counter. It seems that everytime I go there, some little blonde girl blends the snot out of my smoothie. All I did was ask that he not over blend it. Apparently he was offended and had the nerve to say that everything was computerized. What?!!! Are you telling me you can't stop the blender when it starts making that high-pitched whirring sound? He actually had the nerve to talk about me behind my back when I was out at my car getting my smoothie card. The smoothie was fine, but it really irritated me that he lied to me instead of asking if I was having problems with my smoothies being too runny. Maybe he thought that I was incapable of understanding smoothie technology?

Today, I decided to meet Beau Alquizola at Planet Smoothie. Thank goodness hot rocker, Chris Dunaway, was working. He made me a great C-Monster. And imagine, it wasn't over blended and I didn't even have to ask. Mmmm, Capaccino bread.


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