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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Surprise! It's everyone you haven't seen in forever

I drove up to Canal Street tonite because my merch girl somehow packed Canal Street's light in with my stuff. Wouldn't be such a big deal except that gas is back to $2.95 a gallon and it's about 40 minutes from my house. Oh, well, I'm frustrated and needed to get out so why not go check out Musician's co-op and sign up? Great idea, but when I got there, Flyaway Minion was having a cd release party and the place was packed! I guess I missed a few things, Joe Anderl, Wil Cope, Steven Gullett, Eric Cassidy and Tod Weidner opened things up. I chatted with our lovely and talented myspace friend Juliet, I saw George, Kim, Monica, John Lakes, Craig Houston, Amity, Dan Stahl, Angel, Brian, Adam Edwards, and about a million people I didn't know. The place was completely packed and the band was on fire. That's always exciting for a Tuesday night. I couldn't stay for the entire thing because it was a little smoky--the show was sponsored by Camel so really, what did I expect? But what I heard sounded great and the EP that I got with my $5 cover sounded good too.

I was a little wound up when I got home so I cleaned the kitchen. It wasn't that messy, but it's the little things and then once you start, you see more little things. Like the sugar jar has crud on it, and then you see something splattered on the wall behind the blender, and then how did that get there? Hmmmm. Well, it took about an hour, but I think I got it all. Then I couldn't sleep so I headed upstairs to play the keyboard which turns into recording four new ideas and listening to the really lame "electronica" version of "witches" that I did before the tour just for fun. No, you're not hearing it, at least not as it is. Well, it's nearly 3a, I guess I'm back on NYC musician time. I guess I'll be ready when I go back next week.

Your assignment this week is to clean out the refrigerator. That's always fun.


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