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Friday, January 06, 2006

Day 19

I'm almost there...just 2 more days to change my habits. I did take some time off so it might actually take a little longer. Anyway, today I looked for a job. I could use some extra cash to help pay for some things so, why not? Well, because I'm still on crutches and I have no skills. I found out really quickly that I don't have a lot of options. Until I get off the crutches, I don't think that even Wendy's would hire me.

So, after all the depression I decided to work on some music. I started a piano piece that was pretty cool but I didn't like the melody I was working with. Then I was trying to just practice. I totally forgot how to play "Little Secrets." Geesh, like I haven't played that song a million times. So, then I started working on something else, and then decided to write some lyrics. But then when I tried to play what I had just written and sing what I had just written, it didn't go together at all. How does that work?

Then James and I went to the mall. I don't know how I manage to lump all of the depressing things into one day, but I really needed to look for a bra. Let's just say, nothing is ever easy with me. I don't know how it can be so difficult--it's not like I need some sort of hydrolic lift to keep them up, you know?

Just feel better about you now,


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