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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The First ever "Who's Line is it, Anyway?"

Oh, my goodness. What a fun night. Our first songwriter Improv Night at Kaldi's was a big hit for everyone there. I don't think that we could create that kind of magic every week, but definately once per month. It does mean that if you make it to one each month, you would write 11 songs this year. Even if you aren't a songwriter, you can participate. Folks were banging on the bongos, the triangle and I brought some cheap whistles that folks were enjoying. Everyone watching would just jump right in on their instrument. It was pretty cool.

Our prompt this month was "It was a typical Thursday morning..." We had to write something from just hearing that, though it didn't need to be the opening line. First up were Chris Dunaway from the Star Killers and new to town, Mark (oops, I forgot his name). They wrote their song in like 10 minutes and it was a Christopher Williams kinda thing. Then came Liz Bowater and Nathan Foster (Star Killers) with this really nice tune, well thought out and Nathan even sang back up vocals (when did they have time to practice that?) Jim Danehy (Bulletproof Charm and former Barrelhouse sound man) and I were up next with a very short little punk thing that made no sense, but was made better by Eric Falstrom's beatboxing. Then Luke Pace (The Terrors) teamed up with his friends Kyle Volk and Jessie to come up with a complete song in less time than we had. Then Sharon (The Shirts/Beau Alquizola band) pulled out this amazing song in about 20 minutes (that included recopying it) and didn't practice or anything. She just sat down and started playing. It was crazy.

The lightning round was great fun. Everyone had to pull the name of a breakfast product or restaurant out of hat and sing a jingle. My favorite was Nathan's tune about Count Chocula coming into Kaldi's, played to Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

Yeah, you missed it. Be ready next month and bring a pen.



  • At 9:18 AM, Blogger BrooklynVoice said…

    Sounds like an awesome night, congrats! Any chance you might record one, and put some snippets up?

  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger pale beneath the blue said…

    Actually, hoping to do a podcast. I recorded nearly everything on my camcorder last night just in case anyone did something amazing that they didn't want to forget. I have to get permission from everyone before I can post though. Keep an eye out.



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