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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammys and Laptops

As I sit at my computer looking out my front window, I see the sun melting what little bit of snow fell on us last night. The ground was covered when I got up but it is now no more than a smattering.

So, the past few days have been busy. I've been trying to fix the vocals on my jingle and haven't had much luck. Then yesterday I played a show at the Lane Library in Oxford, OH. I'm not a big fan of small towns, but Oxford is different. Everyone is helpful and kind as expected but they are also very worldly. I met an almost 4-year-old who's favorite bands are Keane and Coldplay. And since his name is Duncan, he's been checking out the latest from Duncan Sheik. I mentioned XTC to his mom and she started singing "Senses Working Overtime." I don't think anyone from my small town or my current Cincinnati suburb has ever heard of them. I don't know if realizes the impact they have made on that community.

Anyway, I didn't watch the Grammy's last night. It usually sucks and the audio is horrid. But mostly it's just depressing because I'm not there. You'll have to let me know what the highlights were, I don't have time to read them on I'm hoping to practice some this afternoon, but today I'm busy dealing with business stuff--booking, instrument insurance, mailing out press kits, blah, blah, blah. It never really ends. See, most of you get up, go to work and you come home and you can relax--at least in theory. Working from home is great. I can wear what I want, go to the post office when I want, eat lunch when I want. The biggest problem is that there's no one telling me to get something done right now. So, if I get off track, I'm just off doing something meaningless until I realize what I'm doing. But I love being able to work in bed in the morning or at night or while watching tv--Dell laptops are the bomb. But in exchange, I work non-stop. So, you aren't so jealous now, are you?

Well, happy working and I hope that if you are working with extruded plastic parts or deodorant, that it's because you want to.


  • At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Ray said…

    Well, mayber not jealous, per se .. but you are Cool, so you have that going for you.

    Wow, so it sounds you're recording and doing all the mixing yourself from home.

    My laptop is a sled. I call it "Rosebud".

    You can't tell, but this a faster connection. My company dropped Covad a while ago, and so I switched to one of our new providers Road Runner. Now we'll see if my Linksys router keeps going belly up arbitrarily every week or two. Had disconnect everything and move it across the room (and re-arrange said room) to the put it near the cable end.

    Those local cable connector installers didn't know much. Wasted a couple hours reconfiguring my router when I didn't have to (and didn't work when I did); they didn't even know what a RJ45 cable was or a straight-through or cross-over. That should have told me something.

    Yes, it's a geek thing, but they should have known that.


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