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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I've been in a creative state/Return of the King/Please Pray

Sorry, I've been quiet the last couple of days. It's not because I'm avoiding you. I've just been practicing and writing and writing and practicing and helping Alycia with voice lessons after school. I realize how little I know every time I try to help someone new, but I think that some progress is being made. I'm hoping that she'll play a song or two at Borders Deerfield on Sunday.

Also, Patrice and I had a show last night with Kelly Thomas, Entheos, and Mi and L'au. Quite the night at the Poison Room. Kelly is an amazing guitarist and then she has these killer vocals. Allison and Carl of Entheos do some really cool things, great songs, great harmonies--one of the more modern groups around the area actually. Then Mi (Mira--Finland) and L'au (Laurence--France) were mesmerizing but Jenny kept talking all the way through their set. Mira has a beautiful voice and the music is stark and haunting. Remember that scene in Return of the King where Pippin sings in the castle? Though I couldn't stop laughing because I could envision the late night advertisements hocking "Songs from the Shire" CDs, it was beautiful. Honestly, I'm surprised that someone isn't making money off that end of things yet. Enough of that, if you have the chance to see them, it's different and refreshing and makes me rethink everything I do.

Anyway, tonite I was watching the first part of the news, as I always do before I have to drag myself up to bed, and am just seriously concerned about what is going on in the world. Cincinnati is not my favorite place but I've heard that crime is getting worse everywhere. If you believe in God or some sort of higher being, I think that now is the time to pray for whatever city/state/country that you live in. Personally, I'm sick and tired of hearing about it and though I'm not scared, I don't want anyone to end up as a victim. From dog knappings, drive-by shootings and child abuse (and that was all just from tonite) to bank robberies, muggings, break-ins, and rape it's out of control. I would think that after 9/11, we would all be ready for anything and not willing to put up with this crap from our own citizens. Pray for a solution and the ability to act if necessary.


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