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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Generosity is in the air unless you are from Seattle

Friday night at Borders started with high school freshman, Holly Nibert, opening. A great start to the evening, she started off with Nirvana and got everyone's attention right off the bat. A great little songwriter she is, keep your eyes peeled for her. Some other interesting things happened as well. I was playing something when a nice lady put a really cool hemp bracelet with blue beads on my keyboard. When I was finished with the song, she told me that she and her grandaughter had 100 more bracelets to make for kids in the Cancer ward at Children's Hospital. She said they also make them flip flops, scarves and blankets to help them feel as normal as possible during their stay. She sells bracelets and different items only to get money to buy more materials. Isn't that amazing? I will post her info as soon as I get it out of my van. After that, I mentioned that I was trying to raise money to get to SXSW and some guy came up and handed me 10 bucks. I tried to give him a cd but he just wanted to help. How cool is that?

Saturday night, James and I headed to the Blue Note to see Sunspot, Peter Adams and Kristen Key. After turning around 20 times, we found it. I must say, Peter is good, but Sunspot is amazing live. It's fun music these 2 guys and one girl put on an entertaining show. They truly the hardest working band I've ever met, and I've met alot of them. When they play at Chicks Rock Fest in April, you will want to be there.

Sunday at Borders was fairly usual except that my friends Jerel and Tammy showed up to hang with us. Then high school junior and co-writer, Alycia Mikel, showed up to play two of her own tunes. Fun stuff and I didn't even get a parking ticket.

Unfortunately, Seattle's luck wasn't so good. I used to be a Steelers fan, but since the Carson Palmer thing, I've been rooting against them. I could not believe that the calls during the first half were all against them. Seriously, how did they get to the Super Bowl if they are constantly making fouls? According to the refs, these guys are incapable of making a simple tackle and yet the Steelers can make a touch down without the ball actually being across the goal line. Not a fair game if you ask me. I guess this is why I don't watch sports very often.

Hoping to record tomorrow here at home. I'll keep you posted,


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