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Monday, June 04, 2007

Turbo Tax call center in India

This is just the strangest thing ever. I got a notice from the IRS that I hadn't paid my 2006 taxes. Oh? My credit card was charged when I e-filed at Turbo Tax. So, how can this be? Well, I did end up having to mail my return which makes Turbo Tax believe that you are sending a check. Well, that's nice, I have this printed receipt stating that I paid and it's on my bank statement. So, I tried to contact Intuit. First off, that is a chore in itself. Because truly, they would rather not be bothered.

So, when I got an email back, it was obvious to me that whoever sent it, was not actually living in this country. They used the term, "and I would kindly ask" about 10 times in the email. So, I called. I had no idea what the person said her name was, she seemed nice, but she couldn't grasp what I was trying to explain to her. So, I tried another way. I emailed again saying that I needed a refund. Finally, someone must have understood that word. Of course they replied saying that I must call them.

The girl I talked to was very nice and cordial and of course, by this point, I was completely annoyed and asked, "So where are you located?" "India," she replied. "So do you know anything about our Federal Taxes?" I asked. "Of course." Then it got fuzzy, but I think she was trying to say that they had a lot of training to be able to work there. But that's the point. I had to gleen that from what she actually said, most of which I couldn't really recognize. So, is it just me, or does it seem wrong to have an outsourced call center for something that has to do with our Federal Taxes?

Still waiting on my refund,


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